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Our core purpose is to teach and inspire children to be water safe!

Water Comfort

We help develop a water comfort for children from a very young age.

Underwater Swimming

Underwater swimming helps the child manoeuvre his body underwater without any issues,

Forward Movement

One of the most difficult for a child to do is learn the way his body works in the water to move forward.

"Where Learning Is Fun for Everyone"


There are ways which one can help your body move in the water with the right amount of push.


We can help children learn water strokes to help them develop an interest in swimming


One of the most difficult but the most loved breast stoke is taught to help inspire children to do more.

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Swim Method

There are several methods of swimming but we can help you develop quite a few.

Survival Test

We can help train you in various ways you can help yourself or others during the time of difficulty.

Water Safety

Water can be very beautiful but also can be deadly but we can help teach you water safety.

Free Classes

We also provide free classes to first help you understand our process better methods to help you grow.

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The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.

Private Lessons

I enrolled my self in private lessons for swimming with Swimming lessons Townsville and I was extremely impressed with their lessons as they not just educative but helpful in general life.

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I loved the fact that Swimming Lessons Townsville had such a flexible timing advantage where I could easily get to swimming at my preferred time.

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Sometimes you just need to add water!

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Making Swimming Lessons Fun is Vital

The importance of making swimming lessons fun for kids

The most effective ways to make sure that kids enjoy learning how to swim and be water safe is to ensure that their time in the water is fun.

Learning and developing skills is so much quicker and more fun if you can incorporate fun games into the swimming program.  An example of this is where the game is is hold a float that has a toy on top of it and then they move thru the water and make sure that the toy stays on top of the float.

Whilst this game may seem trivial, the outcome is the the kids learn better balance and buoyancy in the water.

It is often up to the swimming coach to be inventive and create little games that are fun and at the same time ensuring that the students are learming the core components of swimming and safety in the water

See the video below for some ideas and games to make swimming fun to learn


Top 10 Swimming Tips For Beginners

If you are just starting out swimming there are some simple tips which can help you improve your swimming sessions and make the whole process an enjoyable one.

Glide to warm up

Do not just jump into the pool and start to swim lengths but better warm your body up by giving it a few minutes. This gets the blood flowing and body can settle for it staying inside the water.

warm up

Practice your breathing

After the gliding session is done try to get a breathing exercise which can help you have better swimming technique.

Check the swimming session times

Many swimming pools have an allocated lane session which is generally sectioned off and It is important that you know which is your to not get lost in the water.

Look after your kit

After your swimming session, it is important that you clean you gear to help prolong its life. Swimming gear also after a certain point start to accumulate bacteria which can harm your health.

Choosing your gear

It is your responsibility that you buy suits which are actually practical and not what you thing looks good. Also, ensure that you buy a suit according to the pool you are going to be swimming in as you might nor require all the accessories in a smaller pool.


Get a plastic box for your gear

Do not store your swim wear after you have had a swim try to store it in a plastic bag to help ensure that everything in your bag is not wet.

Wear a swimming cap

Regularly swimming in a pool can affect your scalp due to the chlorine present in pool and it is avoidable just by wearing a cap.

Wear a lined swim top

If you feel cold while you are in water it is a good idea that you invest in a lined top to help protect you from the cold which can make it easier for you to move easily. Also, make sure that the swimming gear you wear feels good in part of swimming pool and not the other.

De mist your goggles


Googles are essential when you are swimming and after a session they might get misty, get a de-misting fluid to help you see clearly in water. If you do not have a de-misting fluid you can also clean them with the help of a clean cloth.

Shaded goggles for outdoors

If you are an outdoor swimming enthusiast it is highly advised that you wear a pair of shaded goggles to help protect your eyes from the sun. As sun can easily harm your eyes due to the effects of UV rays.


Our mission is to create awareness among children about the how to swim with confidence.


Our mission is to create awareness among children about the how to swim with confidence.

Safety & Secure

We are always aware that water is a very powerful thing and always are ready for any unfortunate event.