Making Swimming Lessons Fun is Vital

The importance of making swimming lessons fun for kids

The most effective ways to make sure that kids enjoy learning how to swim and be water safe is to ensure that their time in the water is fun.

Learning and developing skills is so much quicker and more fun if you can incorporate fun games into the swimming program.  An example of this is where the game is is hold a float that has a toy on top of it and then they move thru the water and make sure that the toy stays on top of the float.

Whilst this game may seem trivial, the outcome is the the kids learn better balance and buoyancy in the water.

It is often up to the swimming coach to be inventive and create little games that are fun and at the same time ensuring that the students are learming the core components of swimming and safety in the water

See the video below for some ideas and games to make swimming fun to learn

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