How To Learn To Swim

How To Learn To Swim

Learning to Swim is one of the best ways to exercise our body and relax. It is a fun way to stay fit and healthy while engaging in a fun activity. There are various swimming styles that you can learn to swim in. The following swimming lessons will help you choose the swimming style that suits you best.

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Learning to Swim – Basic Lessons Swimming is divided into 5 stages: birth to 12 months, 6-week training, skills, advanced skills, swimming techniques and finally 26 metre tests. The entire procedure of learning how to swim can be split into five stages: birth to 6 weeks, 6-week training, skills, advanced skills, swim techniques and finally swim test. During your first swimming lessons, make sure that you enroll for beginner classes first. These classes will help you learn to breathe correctly, learn to swim arm stroke and learn how to breathe in a correct way.


Level One – Paddle Swimming The first swimming lesson that you have to undergo is learning how to paddle with both arms and legs. This will allow you to learn to keep your body straight and also learn about swimming strokes and freestyle. During this level one lesson, you will not use any swimming equipment but you will be taught how to stand in the water by simply holding your hands in the air. After this you will move on to holding your head up in the water while breathing in through your nose. This is the basic level one of paddle swimming.


Level Two – Breaststroke Swimming The second lesson includes a total of 15 minutes of swimming in freestyle position. During this lesson you will learn the basics of breaststroke such as how to breathe, how to rotate correctly, how to push off and also how to turn correctly. It is recommended for children to begin at level one, but for adults it is encouraged that they move on to the next level after completing the first swimming lesson. For those who are new to swimming, you will receive a bronze swimming star diploma.


Level Three – Lifeguard Training Once you have completed the basic swimming lessons you will need to obtain your lifeguard certification. You will have three different options. You can either complete the training online, by attending a lifeguard academy or by becoming a lifeguard coach. Each option has its own benefits and they all come with a bronze lifeguard badge.


Lifeguard Certification – You will need to successfully complete the training courses that are provided by various swimming schools. You will then be awarded your swimming certificate. You will be able to work in various areas of the sea such as beaches, bays and rivers. The swimming courses are designed to teach you how to identify danger signs, how to operate rescue equipment and how to control yourself in situations where you may have to use it.


A Red Cross Lifeguard – If you would like to teach other people how to swim you can do so by enrolling in a red cross course. This will give you the opportunity to combine your love of swimming with the life saving sport of lifeguard. It is a combination that is sure to give you an excellent workout. You will learn to manoeuvre yourself into the water and you will also learn to manoeuvre other people out of the water. By participating in this course you will also be given a red cross swimming certificate.


Level Three Lifeguard Certification – As you finish your lessons you will then be required to qualify in order to become a level three lifeguard. This means that you will need to swim 200 yards (metres) in a swimming pool with a full load of swimming equipment. Once you have successfully completed this course you will be awarded your swimming badge. The level three badges is recognised by most swimming pool and resort’s and is the blue dot badge you receive when you complete your training.

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